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Originally Posted by WaqasAhmed View Post
i) c .Management
ii) I dont understand the question but my guess is 8. though it is an intel's product line specific....
iii) b. DMA (Direct memory access)
iv) a. bit, byte, field, record, file, database
v) b. External
vi) b. Specification, Design and code generation
vii) b. Smoke testing
viii) a . 42
ix) a. inheritance
x) a. five user jobs
xi) b. atomic, consistency, isolation and durability
xii) b. rollback
xiii) c. has an ip address
xiv) a. adaptive
xv) d. 10Mbps
xvi) a. bridge
xvii) c. link state
xviii) c. encapsulation
xix) d. distance vector
xx) a. Distributed OS
viii ) . None ( it will be "4 2" not 42)
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