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SYEDA SABAHAT is a splendid one to beholdSYEDA SABAHAT is a splendid one to beholdSYEDA SABAHAT is a splendid one to beholdSYEDA SABAHAT is a splendid one to beholdSYEDA SABAHAT is a splendid one to beholdSYEDA SABAHAT is a splendid one to beholdSYEDA SABAHAT is a splendid one to behold
Default Tips And Guidence For Geography


Before starting tips lets have a look at the books which i consulted for geography.


*Physical Geography by strahler

*Physical Geography by sarfaraz bajwa( though poorly written and have some mistakes but its a kind of ready made notes for css students).

*Physical Geography by deblij

* Physical Geography by Mian Muhammad Anwar

* Physical Geo. by sanpal


*Human Geography by Deblij

*Fundamental of Human Geography by Mian Muhammad Anwar


* Economic Geography by Fazal Karim Khan (for students)


* For pakistan (Geography of pakistan by fazal karim khan (for o level students new edition)

* Geography of SouthAsia by Bushra afzal abbasi.


*Jhangir books for geography objectives

* book for preparation of geo. lecturership( it contain numerous geo. objectives of FPSC)


* First of all make a clear decision about the choice of book bcoz changing book again and agin will waste your precious time.

* once you have decided books for both papers, now the next step is to make a list of important topics for both papers.

For example

*In physical Geo. you have choice from 5 section to prepare any 4
*Geology( rocks,volcanoes e.t.c)

*After completion of your list, start preaparation from Physical Geography because it need less time to understand basics and just learn the art to describe a diagram in your own words.

* once you learn the art you will complete it in 3 weeks.

*Remember if you will prepare 4 section from above mentioned sections then plz preaprare other throughly for objectives.

* For Human Geo. which is a very easy subject, you just need to learn

* Theories (enviromentalism and determinism)

*Population( Growth,structure, distribution, density,malthus theory of population and prepare data from pakistani perspective)


* Settlements

* Urbanization(very important)

* For Economic Geo. data is very important

*important topics are Economic activities

* Industrial revolution ( all important question related to this revolution)

* Industrail location theories

* Major industrail zones and industries

* Major crops ( factors for thier growth, production and distribution)

* Agriculture( types, problems, causes, solutions e.t.c)

*Power and natural resources

* important current events related to economic geo. must be prepared.

*For pakistn geo. now you can easily prepared it because it is totally related to current events.

I hope these tips will sort your confusion but still if you guys have any question then plz write i will try my level best to help you out.

best of luck

regards sabahat.

i have just seen the query of solving the paper i will post your answer soon.
GEO to aise k sab tumhara ha,MARO to aisa jaise tmhara kuch bhi nhi.

Maza deti han zindagi ki thokerin unko,jinhen NAAM-E-KHUDA le kar sanbhal janey ki adat ho.
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