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Thanx SABAHAT for giving time and reviewing my effort.............
Yes mine on is not up to the task.........
but consider some of mine clarification...........

1. I started my topic by first studying Roshan's article then thought to improve that
2. Most of the highlighted areas a only headings, i beleive most of us have such calibre that they can expand simple ideas in the paper so e.g. i didn't write anything about introduction of zakat as every body should know about zakat
3. Three main headings of mine were
zakat from quran and sunnah
role in society[B]
i hope you have read previous papers and the ROLE OF ZAKAT IN SOCIETY AND IN HUMAN LIFE is the topic that is always asked
4. keeping in newer trend of exam i tried to adopt newer style and some modern data
5. Css is always about critical analysis, i beleive not just simple writing of facts and figures

and Mr. Agha Zuhaib i am really not sure weather it is 82 or 32. somewhere i read it is more than 100 so plz keep us guiding.............

i hope u all get my point and keep on suggesting.......

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