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Thanks Muskan and Atifch...
Here are some suggestions to make this devolution plan viable and compatible with the needs of our social and political system.
(1)DCO should be given the task of law and order and law enforcing agencies at his disposal.It will minimize the political interference of the local politicians in police affairs because of the neutrality of the civil servant.

(2)Panchait and Jirga system at the UC level to decide minor cases relating to divorce and other domestic feuds.It will decrease the burden of judicial system to deal with more serious matters and make it more efficient.The UC may take the action by majority vote against any decision.

(3)The responsibilities of the district nazim must be limited to the developmental work and muncipilities.

(4)The right of the provincial government to remove Dstrict nazim must be abolished.It is against the spirit of the local empowerment.It always lurks as a threat for nazim to yield to the party in power when he belongs to the opposition party.

(5)The system of Zakat must be devolved at the UC level.The UC must collect and disburse it among the people at that level.For transparency UC should be made to show their annual details of the collection and make it public.It will make people economically self sufficient and lead them to real democracy because economic empowerment is prerequisite to the political empowerment.

(6)Local bodies elections should be on party basis.It will minimize biradri politics in rural areas and force the political parties to have their roots at the lowest strata of the society.It will also ensue the political training of the general masses.
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