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TheUniter will become famous soon enough

hahahaha well dear Waqayee insaan kisi haal me khush nahee rehta..
No reply kay kayee awr bhee reasons hotay hain ilwa iskay jo ap ne kaha. like i am just going through your this post.
you should also remember what the Moderator of this Forum Hamza salick said on that post. he said that no one is bound to reply. so have some patience please. Thank you
aap k nam se tw pata nahy lg rha k aap girl ho ya boy..Phir bhi aap ko reply kia gya hey na?mil gya na ub?Aap ek section me aa k ek thread bnate ho,uss me post kurte ho k Hamza Salick and Ali Asghar please reply to this query,how on earth would Hamza and Ali know k aap ne ye bat puchi hey.Ali ka mujhe pata hey k he is busy in family engagements.Jahan tk merii bat he ye forum bht bara hey or merey zimey iss ki safai hey,is lye sach btaun tw khaas time nahy milta.Jaise hi merey thread pe ek bande ne mujhe btaya hey k islamiyat section me mjhse ek sawal pucha gya he,tw me pohunc gya hn.Ye ghalatfehmiyan mt daliye,esi koi bat nahy hey iss forum pe.Glass 9/10th full hey wo dekhiye,1/10th khali he ye nahy.
@Islah_G,Basitpasha and Hamza salick.
In response to your above posts i will not argue with you but i must say a few things. I welcome your criticism but before criticizing anyone,on should gauge state of mind in which someone asks you a question. If i alone gave the statement regarding response to girls only,then i would be responsible. But when many people say the same thing then one should take notice of that. One should see if there is something wrong. I got your response only after posting the same thing thrice. Should not then one get frustrated? It is not only this time but i and many other members have experienced this thing many times. People log onto this forum with a hope and consider this forum a replacement of academies. To say "no one is bound to reply" defies the claim that this forum is a replacement of academies.

Nevertheless if you are hurt by my statement then i am sorry for that. And i must thank you for your useful replies but a few questions still remain to be answered.
We can trust the man of troubles but not on the man of pleasures.
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