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Originally Posted by Engineer Aisha Junejo View Post
I need some explanation regarding following question which was asked in 2011's Pak affairs paper,"Can the Lahore Resolution be termed as the ‘Magna Carta’ of Pakistan? Take a position and support your argument by historical facts, if any."

I think the answer is NO, because The Objective resolution is declared as Magna Carta of Pakistan as it guarantees the basic rights of the people of Pakistan.
well i think it is the magna carta of pakistan, becuse the issue of basic rights was right from pre-independence period, which was solved in Lahore Resolution 1940, before independence. Objective Resolution was passed in 1949 after independence. the basis of the rights were taken from the lahore resolution, ad every thing in post partition is linked withe pre-partition (and the its basis go to the fourteen points, one of the foundations of the basic rights)
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