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These are some key features of the constitution:

Only Allah holds sovereignty. Islam is the official religion of the country. Both the president and the prime minister must be true muslims. The name of the state is "Islamic Republic of Pakistan."

The Objective Resolution is preamble and guiding principle of the constitution. [It is a part of the constitution now.

The constitution establishes parliamentary form of government. The parliament consists of senate and national assembly. All provinces get equal representation in senate. The senate cannot be dissolved.

All provinces have right to elect the president through equal weightage.

Judiciary is free. It can interpret and explicate constitution and review any law made by the parliament. The president appoints judges of higher courts but he cannot dismiss them without getting advice from a special commission. The government has justify to establish special tribunals.

Basic rights are granted to all citizens without any discrimination. However, the government can seize these rights in a state of emergency. This act cannot be challenged in any court. Somehow, courts can disqualify such act if there is no state of emergency in the country.

Minorities get freedom to live their lives according to their beliefs. They have right on government jobs and representation in national and provincial assemblies.

The constitution proposes separate electorate system. Representatives of legislatures are elected through adult franchise. The president can hold a general referendum about any matter of national concern.

The constitution cannot be abrogated fully or partially. Any such act will be considered high treason and the guilty will be liable to maximum punishment.

All members of national and provincial assemblies are supposed to bear good moral character and sound sense of Islamic ideology. Any member can be disqualified from his membership of assembly if he is found to be corrupt.

The government will take steps to propagate Islamic teachings. No laws will be passed that are not in accordance with Islamic principles. The government will eliminate ususary and take steps for error free printing of the Holy Quran. Islamic Council will be established that will assist the government in law making according to Islamic beliefs. A proper system of zakat and awqaf will be maintained. The Qadyanis will be considered non-muslims.

Urdu is the official language. However, local languages will be given complete protection.

Two-third majority vote of both national assembly and the senate can amend the constitution. Any bill that directly affects a province will be passed only if that particular province passes in its provincial assembly.

The government follows federal system instead of unitary system. All four provinces, tribal areas and the federal capital act as units. They get representation in the senate.

A list of federal and provincial portfolios has been made. Federal and provincial governments control their portfolios independently. The center and provinces control concurrent subjects. In case of any conflict, the center enjoys superiority.

Provincial autonomy is acknowledged. A council of mutual 0interests reviews laws and policies to ensure mutual harmony. The chief ministers and representatives of the center are members of this council.

National Finance Commission will be formed. It will be responsible for distribution and settlement of grants and taxes among provinces.

National Economic Council will be formed. It will be responsible for economic planning. All four provinces will get equal representation in it.

The government will ensure economic justice and equality. It will suppress economic exploitation in its every shape. The government can nationalize any asset gained through foul means. The government will also check concentration of wealth.
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