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Hey Adil..

Its kinda more pro Sindh....I wont call it Anti-Punjab...but pro-Sindh...[what else we can expect from a Mammon.....oppps sorry Memon :P][I guess ya should change the title from "Its impact on National Integrity" to "Its impact on Sindh's Integrity"]....I studied it from various articles ..and have gone through all the apprehensions claimed by the provinces...[though few things were complicated to digest for a person like me...who lacks in terms of technicality]...but I'm trying to get over my inabilities and then I'll be in a better position to comment over this controversial dilemma which has strangled the development of Pakistan for ages and now its the time to come out of land of utopia to cater the bitter realities of intra provincial conflict which has dampened our vision as one nation...

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