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Dude, this Punjabi story is not true. I am a Punjabi and have also been NOt Recommended from ISSB 3 times. First, it was PMA 114 (2004), then it was PMA 115. Both the times, I cleared initial interviews tests etc and qualified for ISSB but didn't cleared it. Then in 2009, I applied for PAF after completing my B.E Telecommunication. But this time again, I was NOT RECOMENDED by the committee. Whatever reasons might be, but this Punjabi Sindhi issue is not the issue. Otherwise my name would have been Captain Zeeshan now. :d. We are Pakistanis just, It hurts, It hurted me too a lot. But with the time, it gets settled. May allah bless you all the way and give a more good career what you could actually have in army.
Pakistan Zindabad
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