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Arrow Chemistry books - recommended and not-recommended

I found some-one recommended these books in another Thread for CSS-Chem

Shreve's Chemical Process Industries(George T. Austin) --> for topics of Industrial chem,
Organic Chem (J. March),
Organic chem (Morrison and Boyd),
Atkins Physical chem,
Inorganic chem (J. D. Lee)
Inorganic chem (G. D. Tuli)

Sorry to say.....Organic Chem (J. March), is so long and a very good book if you want to forget everything you knew before as far as Org.Chem for CSS is concerned.....its too advanced and hard to carry easily......very Heavy and Big Book and will confuse you never go for that......i have studied that book in MSC-Organic Chemistry......its a hell of confusion and CSS level does not explore you upto that advanced level....

Atkins Physical chem,
Its too heavy Big too to swallow for CSS & does not serve the purpose for CSS will make a mess if you are going to buy can cost you 1300-1400 PKR and in the end Worries.......good for study but not for CSS Preparation (I have studied this book too and have it in my shelf but will not study it for CSS-2012)

Organic chem (Morrison and Boyd)

Its good book and may be used for css prep.

Inorganic G.D.TULI etc are too stuffed up books ......but 50-50 go if u like it and if u find difficult leave it....

In my personal opinion, BSC Books are best
1. Organic Chemistry by Carvans BSC, you may go with Morrison Boyd also+keep your Notes of BSC to save time. Also John Mcmurry Organic Chemistry is also helpful.

2. In-Organic Chemistry Zafar Iqbal's book for BSC is very enough+Inorganic G.D.TULI is good but sometimes confuses as well but u can keep it.

3. Physical Chemistry Book for BSC by Ilmi is good + keep some notes etc.

Dont go for altogether new books + notes. New books consume time whereas old books of BSC are familiar to your eyes and would have been scanned many times so a bit easy to Shift your Preparation Gear but new books at times prove like a Road under Construction to your Vehicle of CSS-Preparation. So in my very own unbiased and personal opinion, its good to stick to your old-bsc books and notes. But never go for Atkins, Jerry March Organic like Titanic Books which are too heavy and advanced........if someone is good at them he/she can go with thsese too........but one may end with his/her table very heavily loaded with ATKINS/J.MARCH some days before the paper when having some rapid eyes on main topics / issues......and its suggested to keep yourself neat , clean, tidy, lightly loaded with local of luck to all chem-opters in ce-2012. Suggest me also if you know better things. Pray for me too. This is my first attempt and last chance of CSS.

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