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Originally Posted by Razzi View Post
kya CSPs itny na laiq hoty hain? aur why a common man cannot become a judge of High Court? is there a need of special talent for becoming a Judge of Supreme Court? if yes then what type of talent?
plz sir elaborate.
By saying common man i meant that CSS is the most transparent process as compared to enter other 2 pillars of the state....which means a person having a poor background but having ability and talent can become a CSS officer.

To become MNA/MPA one needs heaps of funds to contest the elections in Pak

o become a judge of High/Supreme court one needs SERIOUS REFERENCE coz these judges are SELECTED & APPOINTED on political grounds (In most of the cases)

Wgich means CSS officers are selected through transparent possible pricess n fair competition;the best possible. To quote an example "Sardar Mohd Chaudhry,an ex-IGP Punjab was an orphan n used to work at hotel as waiter,he was adopted and educatee bya civil servant and eventualy he did CSS coz of his hard work n talent NOT coz of anything ELSE)
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