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Posts #3, 5, 7 are notorious for the just mentioned chit-chat. Such posts should be removed from all threads.

Guys, there is nothing as a free lunch!

I believe the fee will be a fraction of that aspirants pay to the academies, travelling to the academies and living in a hostel and buying irrelevant books/material.

Sometimes we buy a book that we later realize we should not have and sometimes we want to buy core books but don't know where from. Such matters will be easily resolved with tutors.

Moreover, there will be no compulsion for paying for all subjects. If I want to study English, I will not be paying for current affairs. Do academies allow that? Subjects in CSS & PMS are not really the subjects, they are topics! When we go to universities to study these subjects, we need to give presentations, prepare assignments, do case studies, ensure the attendance and take examination in sequence to master the subject. But competitive exam does not demand it. Questions are repeated and one does not get certificate upon passing, or does one? Only a decent grip on the subject with the right guidance will ensure success.

If this suggestion is coupled with holding an indigenous competitive exam, those who cannot pay can benefit by comparing their notes with the so-position holders' of the forum. Moreover it will save time which is also money. Foreseeably, it will not affect the efficiency in guiding and the free registration which members are currently enjoying and which are hallmarks of the forum. We'll be in need to create a Tutor's Section for which there will be fee of tutor, just as we pay the fee to visit a doctor.

It is going to be a very flexible programme. When it is implemented the only need remaining will be the self-exertion and perhaps the libraries for which internet is often doing its job.

Thank you Supermoderator for granting my wish. I am so happy.