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AOA friends
My interviw panel was asking starting with the meaning of my name, botany, uses of botany, Islamic architechture n its characteristics, Embeded jornalis, Pakistan vs india,DMG,women empowerment,palestine now a days.
What i feel that they r not asking about books n personalities.B relaxed n confident n give brief anwers with cool thaught.

I entered . I said aoa. They said WAS. BD asked whats ur nam its meaning? I replied.HE asked recent in palestine. I repied plan to bid 4 UNO independent status according to 1967 bodres. He asked further another q about it. i said sorry. He asked botany its impotance. I repied. He asked Isalmic-- i couldnot understad term. I asked again He said islamic architechture in europe. I said alcazar. He asked what I said alcazar n zahra palace was different. He asked arab happenigs. I said islamic revival, sprig. he said tell about revival i replied. Then 2nd person asked moderaration-the word written in my psychology.He said there is no mod but extremism. I said there is. HOw i said through education. HE asked about OPEC. I fogot. He said tell me about oil rich ciountries. I named 4 only. He asked embeded jounalism. I repliied jounalism which is attached with military. 3rd person asked in which dept of dmg u want to go. i said in secretariat. he said why did not u opt 4 omg then. I culdnot understend. H asked how women can b empowered. i said ds is male dominated saociety. usne moun bna lya. i said m not saying that men are greater in no. I said by removing jirga system. then he thanken. BD again thanked. I stood. Then another q.... did u apply 4 2012. i said nooo.
he said thank u i also thanked.
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