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Default Another wierd interview.....18th jan...last one to go in

the panel was aggressive towards me....
mostly interview was from psychological part...
i was asked about y i have gone fr css so late after completing my education...
mobile user density of pak...i dint know
about my rebellious attitude, my answers in psychological, an ethnic joke written by me, youth problems written by me. my differentiation between growth n development, censorship,,,,,christina lamb and another journalist that i dint know....i was even asked not give guesses if i dont know as i said i think while answering to mobile density question,,,abt previous jobs,,,,,wots da assurity that i will not become corrupt,,,y bureaucracy is politicized, y public policies are not implemented properly, effects of depreciation of currency, wots happening in syria, wot arab league proposed, wot r observers doing there, wots lately happened in IT in vegas which i dint know...y css is prestigious,,,dont u think the powers are according to the tough criteria of selection as i proposed raise in pays and relaxation in age limits aswell.....thats pretty much all i can remember....yup wot should be done in present scenario of pak,,,if president has immunity then y shud he go to court,,,wot wud happen if nro is not solved,,,,,wot happened btwn turkey n france....i stayd confident bold outrageous n firm at my stances on basis of my experiences but also told them that this is the side of pic i see in every matter...i was asked abt hiba on death bed n conditions of will aswell...
m a software engnr working as consultant,,,

us his
pub ad
muslim law
intl rel

one should prepare mentally not to collapse to their mind games,,,,,
i got 6 questions to which i dint answer....almost 6 to which i wasnt sure n answer was not exact...5-7 questions were ryt on spot fr me....4 to 5 questions where answer was controversial and at 5-6 places my answer lead to long discussion which landed upon panel n me sticking to their own stances....

it was a gud experience.....they were aggressive but i stayed calm n they kept making gestures as if they dont see my side of picture,,,one thing i mentioned was awareness as a result of education is the responsibility of society at which they had a stance that its an individuals job...........anyways....i am contended n left it to if i m destined to be, i will be there no matter pray for me guys n gudluck
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