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Default My interview Jan 25, 2011

Following are the questions which I remember:

Q. You are a lawyer why DMG?
Q. You are from KPK then why is your license from Punjab Bar Council?
Q. Your proforma shows your appetite for power?
Q. Why havn’t you disclosed your father’s income?, we are not going to tax your father(with a laugh)
Q. Ok tell me what is German Watch?
Q. Tell me about the historical importance of Eiffel tower?
Q. What is the role of Privy Council?
Q. What is Media Trial?
Q. What is your opinion about the role of religion in state?
Q. Do you think media is the fourth pillar of State?
Q. What is Continental Shelf?
Q. What is the reason of growing extremism in the people of Pakistan?
Q. Which country has the bad track record of journalists killing?
Q. Any other country with the same record?
Q. What is your opinion about Madressahs?
Q. Why people of Pakistan are inclined towards moral degradation?
Q. What are the sources of Muslim Law?
Q. What is Ijma?
Q. What is Ijtehad?
Q. For what purpose Special and Local Laws are made?
Q. Have you read Anti-Terrorism Act 1997?
Q. Have you gone through Control of Narcotics Substances Act 1997?
Q. What is meant by default judgment?
Q. What is meant by Impeachment?
Q. How it is done?
Q. Is it a process or a Penalty?
Q. Can punishment be given during or before impeachment?
Q. What in your opinion will be the final result of Memo Scandal?
Q. What are the water disputes between India and Pakistan?
Q. Tell me something about Sir Creek?
Q. Tell me something about Baglihar Dam?
Q. What are the functions of DMG?
Q. What in your opinion is the role of Intelligence Agencies?
Q.How media can be controlled?
Q. Who is the Authority to control media?
And last question……..
Q. Why KPK Information Minister Mian Iftikhar is so much opposed towards “Naswar”? Hahahaha

My interview lasted for 30mins. And the environment in the room was very healthy, friendly and smiley. Rest is with Allah, prayers needed.
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