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Question Please solve it

I am a completely non technical person....compared to sir tabbasum and sir adil....
but i have some riddles in my mind:
1: all these locations i.e , bhasha , katzara, warsak and tarbela are located in terrains of highly seismic activity, whereas kalabagh and mangla are also located at piedmont foothills of himalayas. The propsed site for kalabagh dam was also damaged in the recent earthquake. What could be the measures to rein in the seismic effects to save these dams/sites.
2:my 2nd query migt seem a bit offensive but it is a question of common sense,.,,
that, there are a few brethren of mine from nwfp and sind who threaten to blow kalabagh dam if its built.,, i respect their emotions,,, but none of them has so far shown any ambition to blow bagliahar and wooler barages ! why?
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