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Dear Nhpaki,

I am in no way a technical person. Despite that, I would give a try to reply to your questions.

1) I don't personally have any idea about the construction of dams whether they are quake-resistent or no. I have also heard that after the earthquake the site of Kalabagh has been rendered unworthy for construction of a dam. However, replying your question, in my opinion there are no such protective measures one can take. (I also discussed this point in my above explanation).

I wonder if mountains are affected by earthquakes as much as ordinary plains. If they are not, dams could be built up there!

2) Well, you must know something that we don't have provincial harmony. Baglihar and Wooler will affect the whole country and it's an issue to be settled between Central Government and India. While Kalabagh dam is a conflict between Central Government and the provinces. It is not the responsibility of the provinces to solve the international issues. They are not given such authority or autonomy. Simply speaking, its out of jurisdiction of the provinces!

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