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Originally Posted by very special 1 View Post
i think political situation sa zayada energy short fall and rise of labour prices ha is ki reason
Energy shorfall is also due to political inefficiencies.Political framework gives our politicians the power.So,one way or the other politicians are responsible for all our problems.We are not lacking resources.Why not IPI has been implemented till date?Who is responsible for for ensuring an equilibrium between demand and supply of electricity?when there is a political unrest politicians priorities change etc tec

I think if you want to analyse the economic situation in musharafz era then you should look economic indicators like GDP,rise in per capita income etc instead of looking at individual/isolated sectors of economy.whether musharafz era progress was on some solid grounds and of sound economic policies or just a balloon is debatable.

The present govt remained instable throughout its tenure.It has not been allowed to work right from the beginning(who is responsible for this is debatable).They were busy protecting their kursees throughout.How a prime miniter,president and ministers can perform if they are all the time going into courts,facing serious allegations from army,opposition etc etc.One issue after the other.and then one another issue after all issues etc...

political stability does not only mean absence of marshall law.It should be seen through a larger lens.

Political stability can only be achieved if clean politicians are send to parliament.Choor lootarey qatil is mulk ko kya de saktey hain.nothing.
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