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Originally Posted by mhmmdkashif View Post
siasat to hamari lagta hai agle 100 saal tak aisi hee rahe gee . kiyun na logun ko siasat se dur kia jaaye .
I think this is not the solution of problem because this sort of experiments are already performed in the era of marshal laws, dictators tried their best to keep the civilians away from politics. The need of the time is to change the system, instead of keeping people away from politics, we should encourage politics at ground level so that new politicians could emerge. Nazim system was a good step but unlikely corrupt people came through it and instead of giving people right to kick these corrupt politicians out and vote the others, our so called democratic government ruined the whole system. In early era of independence, our establishment instead of believing on votes of people, took over the civilian government. Instead of keeping people away from politics, we should believe in votes of people and this is the only way through which we can change our politics within few decades.
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