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Default interview 2006

HI dears i took my css-2006 interview on 5th jan 2007 at karachi..i sharply remember my whole interview i wud like to share my experience with u guys and invite suggestions how did i do?..

CHAIRMAN: yes Mr. Giyan Chand How are you?
ME fine Sir
CHAIRMAN: introduce yourself
ME: Sir my name is Giayan Chand my father’s name is Teekam Das, I was
born in a village near Samaro Town district Umerkot. I got my primary education from Governement Primary school Samaro Town, passed my matriculation examination from Government High School Samaro town then I came to Tando Jam from where I passed my HSC examination then I got admission in Institute of Pharmacy University of Sindh Jamshoro from where I got my degree B.Pharm meanwhile I also passed Sindh Public Service Commission examination for Assitant Sub Inspector of Police then I resigned and again I passed an other Sindh Public Service Commission examination for the Post of Range Forest Officer BPS-16 and got first position in Sindh from that post I resigned and then I got admission in Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in University of Sindh Jamshoro for M.Phill leading to PhD in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering….
CHAIRMAN: then why don’t you pursue your M.Phill?
ME: sir it takes about four to five years and I have just got admission so it is impossible that is can afford my further studies so I decided to take my css examination….
CHAIRMAN: but you have written that you have your elder brother and he has a
shop so he can support your family…
ME: but sir he has his own family and for my studies I have to stay at Hyderabad that is far from My home and M.Phill program is a full time work so it does not allow me to do any side work…
CHAIRMAN: what are the minority problems and your city’s problems?
ME: sir specifically there are no minority problems the problems that are faced by majority are the same we are equal citizens of our country and we are given equal rights there is no distinction, however sometimes Indian situation have a factor for example when Babri Mosque problem took place our houses were ransacked and Mandirs were either burnt or ransacked…
CHAIRMAN: was that politically motivated or there was people’s indigenous
ME: it was fifty percent political motivation and fifty percent religious motivation…
CHAIRMAN: what was the political motivation?
ME: it was of the business because mostly the business is in the hands of Hindus specially Banyas so those people wanted to hurt their business so that they can get hold of it…
CHAIRMAN: my second part of question was of your city problems..
ME: yes sir..the big problem of Samaro Town is its economic condition as this town totally depends upon the agriculture and agriculture depends upon water when there is scarcity of water or there is flood the agriculture is damaged and very next the economy of the town gets shattered apart from this the education facilities for example only two years a college was established in samaro town otherwise we had to travel about 50 kilometer to either Umerkot or Mirpurkhas for college, others are water supply problems and some sanitation problems are also faced by samaro town…
CHAIRMAN: what is the name of cantt in your area?
ME That’s is new Chhor cant….
CHAIRMAN: what are the negative or positive points of the Chhor cant to be
ME I think there is no negative point of the cant being there because due to this cantonment the economy of umerkot and surrounding is activated as army personnel buy from there hence the economy is strengthened and other is that the law and order situation of the area does not get deteriorated as sometimes the army officers also help the local administration in pursuing the law and order situation and due to this cantonement the people of the area feel at home…..
CHAIRMAN: Why the people of sindh object Kalabagh Dam and what is your own
ME Actually sir there is psycho-political perception for dam among the people of Sindh as if anyone asks that either Kalabagh dam should be built the answer would be that no if asked why they say that sindh would be deprived of water and if someone asks how they answer that they do not know…actually the political leaders try to exploit the situation as those leaders put the fact that one thing is that as WAPDA says that there is the wastage of about 35MAF each year on average the political leaders say that this average also include the floods of 1977 and 1991 and if we deduct those floods there remains no such water to be stored in Dams..other is that they argue that Mangrove forest would be destroyed and also the land of Badin and Thatta districts would be destroyed further they argue that Pujab would steal water….
CHAIRMAN: how pujab would steal water
ME Through right and left bank canals….but according to my perception we know that our population is erupting and our country is basically an agricultural country it means we depend on agriculture and for agriculture we need water and other thing is that of industrialization that need energy and only source of cheap energy is Hydroelectricity it means if we store water we can get benefit doubly hence the construction of Kalabagh Dam is essential as we have already suffered for more than a half century….
MEMBER-1 what do u feel when u see a sikh in army and he is performing his
duty at The Quid’s mausoleum?
ME I feel proud because this shows we are being given equal rights and we feel happiness by serving our country and it is a good thing as when I was preparing for my css examinations some of my Muslim as well as Hindu friends suggested that Hindus are not given such posts as CSP and similarly in 1998 when I went at Hyderabad army selection centre for PMA long course one Hawaldar took me aside and said that you cannot opt that it was very sorry to hear that but when I see a sikh at Qauid’s Mausolem and myself here for css my ideas change and feel proud…
MEMBER-1 have you any feeling about India
ME Off course not
MEMBER-1 your parents or friends
Not at all because we are Pakistani and this is our country…then why should we side India…
MEMBER-1 is Pakistan doing well by fencing the Afghan border?
ME Yes because we see that Afghan government is blaming Pakistan for infiltration however we see that Pakistan is itself the victim of this infiltration from Afghanistan side and by fencing the border Pakistan can stop the infiltration…
MEMBER-2 you have written that on Kashmir issue both countries have shown
flexibility…when you see that India has not shown flexibility?
ME Yes I have written and we see that some years back India was not ready to accept Kashmir as an issue but now we see that she says that this is an issue and that should be solved and other we see that General Pervaiz Musharaf have given four points and those four points have been appreciated by the India premier it means that they are showing flexibility but that flexibility does not mean that if we take two steps they should also take two steps their one step forward is a great flexibility….
MEMBER-2 what do u think of the Kashmir problem solution?
ME I think as four points of the president of Pakistan this is possible
MEMBER-2 don’t you think that the kashimiries should be included?
ME Yes they should also be included and any thing should be according to their own wishes…
MEMBER-2 it means there should be referendum…
ME Yes off course….
MEMBER-2 it means there should be plebiscite…
ME Yes off course….. (I feel here I contradicted my own statement)
MEMBER-3 has u read Musharaf’s book?
ME No sir….I will read after interview (I smiled)
MEMBER-3 after interview (he also laughed)
MEMBER-3 but you might have read the context in newspapers….
ME Yes sir…
MEMBER-3 then is you justified with the 1999 Musharaf’s quo?
ME Yes sir I am justified…when our international situation becomes deteriorated and internal political situation is also not stable….economic position gets hampered…then it was needed..
MEMBER-3 it means you do not support democracy and you support army..
ME No I do not support army I support democracy but when the democracy is at the cost of national integration and army can avoid it then it is correct…
MEMBER-3 but you see in India army never took over while there were problems?
ME Yes sir but Indian situation is totally different actually our country was surrounded by political crisis since the inception…in 1948 the Quid died and in 1951 Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated and after that between 1952 to 1958 there were 7 prime ministers who came and went back..while in India Nehru lived for more than a decade and he had the ability to weld all the political factions hence the army was not needed to play the role but unfortunately in our country it happened..
MEMBER-3 how do you see the joint electorate system?
ME It is a good thing because before this there were four MANs from Hindu community those had no impact and they could not solve the problems of the whole community but now we see that the Muslim candidates also come into our Mohalas and villages and have solved about 40 to 60 percent problems and the remaining if not solved then they have been heard so it is a positive thing…
MEMBER-3 how do u see Bombay Bombing?
ME This is their own indigenous problem and just play the war of blames over Pakistan…..
MEMBER-4 why Umerkot is famous?
ME Because it is the birth place of the Emperor Akbar…
MEMBER-4 why he is called The Great?
ME According to my thinking because of he brought the people of both the religions Hindus and the Muslims closer to each other means his religious policy…

(I remained full confident….i spoke comfortably however due to dryness of mouth I had to take two sips of water twice…English was also pretty good)
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