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Default List of Topics for Geography A

Basic Concepts

1. Latitudes and Longitudes
2. International Dateline
3. Earthís Planetary Motions/Causation of Day and Nights, Seasons
4. Humidity: Relative and Specific humidity

Other Concepts

1. Atmosphere- Itís Composition and Structure
2. The horizontal distribution of Temperature
3. The Vertical distribution of Temperature (Lapse Rates, Atmospheric stability/ instability)
4. Atmospheric Pressure, The Winds, Local Wind systems(Sea & Land breeze, Mountain and Valley breeze),Geostrophic Winds, Frictional Surface winds (Cyclones and Anticyclones)
5. Atmospheric Circulation: Planetary Winds, Jet Streams
6. Oceanic Surface Circulation/Currents: Causes of Ocean Currents, Currents of the World Oceans and Their effect on Climate and Weather. The Concept of deep sea currents
7. Salinity of Oceans and their distribution in Water Masses
8. Clouds and Cloud Forms/Classification
9. Precipitation: Conditions of Precipitation, Forms and Precipitation producing processes.
10. Thunderstorm :Life cycle of Thunderstorm
11. Tropical and Temperate/Mid-latitude Cyclones
12. Air Masses and their Classification
13. Monsoon Winds
14. Climate: The Koppen Climate classification system
15. Earth: Structure/Layers
16. Rocks: Types, Rock cycle
17. Plate tectonics : Types of Plate movements
18. Earthquakes
19. Volcanoes & types of volcanoes
20. Fault and Fold Structures
21. Cycle and Erosion, Drainage patterns, Mass movements
22. Landforms (River, Glacial, Aeolian/Wind-related, Karst)
23. Map Projections
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