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Compulsory Question 2002

8. Write only the correct choice in the Answer Book. Don't reproduce the statement.

1. An organization which successfully achieve the goals will be considered as:
(a) Efficient
(b) Systemic
(c) Effective
(d) Reasonable
(e) None of these

2. An organization using its resources wisely and in a cost effectively way is considered:
(a) Conservative
(b) Modern
(c) Effective
(d) Efficient
(e) None of these

3. Grouping activities and resources in an organization is a function of:
(a) Leading
(b) Organizing
(c) Coordination
(d) Monitoring
(e) None of these

4. The dominant role in developing Scientific Management was played by:
(a) Henri Fayol
(b) F. W. Taylor
(c) Harrington Emerson
(d) Frank Gilbreth
(e) None of these

5. The most articulate spokesperson of Administrative Management was:
(a) Max Weber
(b) Chester Barnard
(c) Lyndall Urwick
(d) Henri Fayol
(e) None of these

6. Hawthrone studies were mainly conducted by:
(a) Elton Mayo
(b) Hugo Munsterberg
(c) Mary Parker
(d) Henry Gantt
(e) None of these

7. Two or more sub systems working together to produce more than the total of what they might produce working alone is
(a) Open System
(b) Closed System
(c) Sub System
(d) Synergy
(e) None of these

8. An attempt to integrate common business practices from the United States and Japan into one middle ground framework has been termed as:
(a) Theory X
(b) Theory Y
(c) Type Z Model
(d) Universal Model
(e) None of these

9. The owners, Employees, Board or Directors and Culture will form the organization's:
(a) Internal Environment
(b) External Environment
(c) Task Environment
(d) General Environment
(e) None of these

10. The appropriate managerial behavior in a given situation depends on a wide variety of elements is:
(a) Classical Approach
(b) Quantitative Approach
(c) Behavioral Approach
(d) Contingency Approach
(e) None of these

11. A goal set by and for top management of the organization is:
(a) Tactical Goal
(b) Strategic Goal
(c) Operational Goal
(d) Specific Goal
(e) None of these

12. Balancing and reconciling possible conflicts among goals is:
(a) Communication
(b) Leading
(c) Inconsistency
(d) Optimizing
(e) None of these

13. A plan that generally covers a span of one year or less is:
(a) Operational Plan
(b) Intermediate Plan
(c) Long range Plan
(d) Short range Plan
(e) None of these

14. Behavior that does not conform to generally social norms will be considered as:
(a) Arrogant Behavior
(b) Arbitrary Behavior
(c) Ethical Behavior
(d) Unethical Behavior
(e) None of these

15. Conceptual and Diagnostic skills in an organization are mostly used by:
(a) General managers
(b) Top managers
(c) Middle managers
(d) First line managers
(e) None of these

16. A theory suggesting that people are motivated by a hierarchy of needs was advanced by:
(a) Douglas Mc Gregor
(b) Arthur D. Little
(c) Abraham Maslow
(d) F. W. Riggs
(e) None of these

17. The extent to which an organization complies with local, state and Federal Laws is:
(a) Social Compliance
(b) Philanthropic Awarding
(c) Ethical Compliance
(d) Legal Compliance
(e) None of these

18. The process by which a manager assigns some of his total work load to others is:
(a) Decentralization
(b) Delegation
(c) Division of work
(d) Centralization
(e) None of these

19. Power that has been legitimized by the state is:
(a) Political authority
(b) Charismatic authority
(c) Traditional authority
(d) Legal authority
(e) None of these

20. A condition in which the availability of each alternative and its potential pay off and costs are all associated with probability estimates is:
(a) State of risk
(b) State of certainty
(c) State of mild certainty
(d) State of high certainty
(e) None of these
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