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Geography Paper I

1) Metamorphic rock in which the minerals are lined up parallel to each other is referred as:

a) Foliated
b) Lithified
c) Clastic
d) None of these

2) The equatorial westerlies spread across south-east Asia from?

a) Pacific ocean
b) Indian ocean (
c) Atlantic ocean
d) None of these

3) The continental anticyclone of Siberia and northern Canada originate:

a) Warm air mass
b) Occluded air mass
c) Cold air mass
d) None of these

4) Study which relates to evolution of land forms is called:

a) Mycorrlizel
b) Ecology
c) Geomorphology
d) None of these

5) Rainfall caused by air rising up the slopes of mountains is termed as:

a) Conventional
b) Orographic
c) Conductional
d) None of these

6) The receding of falling tide, i.e. after high tide and before low tide is known as:

a) Ebb
b) Neap
c) Spring
d) None of these

7) Uvalva , dolines and poije are associated with:

a) Scree region
b) Hummoky region
c) Karst region
d) None of these

8) Mediterranean climate region lies between:

a) 35-45 degree N & S Lat.
b) 40-50 degree N & S Lat.
c) 50-60 degree N & S Lat.
d) None of these (

9) When the source of light is in the Centre of the globe then it is referred to:

a) Zenithal sereographic projection
b) Zenithal orthographic projection
c) Zenithal gnomic projection
d) None of these

10) “Statistics” for geographers is authored by:

a) P. Hagget
b) S. Gregory
c) F. Scholz
d) None of these

11) Meandering is derived from a river Meander of:

a) Poland
b) Turkey
c) France
d) None of these

12) Which of the following is not a low cloud:

a) Cumulo-nimbus
b) Cirrostratus
c) Stratus
d) None of these

13) Jet streams are common in :

a) Plateaus
b) Atmosphere
c) Oceans
d) None of these

14) Which of the following is not affecting the visibility:

a) Dew
b) Fog
c) Haze
d) None of these

15) The oldest map showing location of river is Euphrates is a clay tablet dating

a) 288 BC
b) 388 BC
c) 488 BC
d) None of these

16) Humboldt current is washing coastline of:

a) Argentine & Uruguay
b) Angola & Namibia
c) Chile & Peru
d) None of these

17) Depth of sea and ocean is reckoned by:

a) Meters
b) Fathoms
c) Feet
d) None of these

18) Isohyet is a line passing the places having equal:

a) Height above the sea level
b) Sunshine
c) Rainfall
d) None of these

19) Scale graticule and purpose are indicatives of:

a) Gradient
b) Map
c) Earth quake
d) None of these

20) Which of the following represents seasonal winds:

a) Trades
b) Westerlies
c) Monsoon
d) None of these

Geography Paper II

1) An equal exchange of cultural items such as ideas of behaviors between two regions reflects:

a) Transculturation
b) Assimilation
c) Transformation
d) None of these

2) The view point that the key force in the development culture of humanity is known as:

a) Environmental determinism
b) Possibilism
c) Climate change
d) None of these

3) Inca and Mayan cultures were prevailed in the:

a) Atlas mountains
b) Rocky mountains
c) Andes mountains
d) None of these

4) In the past------------------------------------- remained the leading theatre of gigantic transhumance

a) South East Asia
b) West Asia
c) Central Asia
d) None of these

5) Mongols were basically

a) Pastorlists
b) Agriculturists
c) Traders
d) None of these

6) Indus civilization has had established barter trade links with:

a) Mesopotamia
b) Nile civilization
c) Australian aborigines
d) None of these

7) Landscapes exist not only in space but through time and cannot be detached from:

a) Economic context
b) Regional context
c) Historical context
d) None of these

8) The U.S belongs to which stage of demographic transition:

a) Low deaths & high births
b) Low births & low deaths
c) Extremely low births
d) None of these

9) Which is not one of the four major components of the local decision?

a) Prime interest rate
b) Fiscal policy
c) Business cycle
d) None of these

10) Agglomeration considers all of the following except:

a) Scale
b) Scope
c) Complexity
d) None of these

11) What is not an economic tool in development?

a) Location Quotient
b) Comparative advantage
c) Central place theory
d) None of these

12) The city of Antananarivo is located in:

a) Rwanda
b) Madagascar
c) Mozambique
d) None of these

13) Greenland is governed by which European country?

a) Finland
b) Sweden
c) Denmark
d) None of these

14) The Indian Pacific rail road is located in which country?

a) Canada
b) Australia
c) Mexico
d) None of these

15) Seminar on karez-an indigenous water management system in Baluchistan held in Islamabad on 22 December 2011 was sponsored by:

d) None of these

16) Terraced fields are common in the?

a) Middle East
b) Far East
c) Tundra
d) None of these

17) The three major categories of resources are:

a) Human, capital and natural
b) Capital, machine and building
c) Human, capital and renewable
d) None of these

18) Cement industry is generally located near the:

a) Market
b) Source of labour
c) Source of raw material
d) None of these

19) Who is the following geographers first use the term pragmatic Possibilism?

a) G. Tatham
b) C. Rites
c) G. Taylor
d) None of these

20) Which of the following soils is found in the coniferous forests?

a) Latozois
b) Podzois
c) Chernozem
d) None of these
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