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Default Syllabus for Section B


1. Computer Communications & Networks

Analogue and digital Transmission, Noise, Media, Encoding, Asynchronous and
Synchronous transmission, Protocol design issues, Network System architecture
(OSI, TCP/IP), Error control, Flow Control, Data Link Protocols (HDLC,PPP).
Local Area Networks and MAC Layer protocols (Ethernet, Token ring),
Multiplexing, Switching and IP Networks, Internetworking, Routing, Bridging,
Transport layer protocols TCP/IP, UDP. Network security issues, Programming
exercises or projects involving implementation of protocols at different layers.
2. Digital Logic & Computer Architecture
Logic design of Digital Systems, Fundamental and advanced concepts of Logic
Designs, Boolean Algebra & functions, Designing and implementation of
combinational and Sequential logic, minimization techniques, number
representation and basic binary arithmetic Logic families and digital integrated
circuits, use of CAD tools for logic designs. Topics of Computer Architecture.
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