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Default My interview on 21- 2- 2012

Salam friends. this is my interview as i remember it. sorry for being so late, but the reason was that my pc collapsed a day before my interview and abhi abhi theek ho kr aya hai
i entered the room at 1: 55 pm. my interview was the last interview of the day. when i entered the room all the panel members were looking into their files, nobody was looking towards me.
i said salam. they all answered.
Chairman sahab started the interview.

RBD: (with his head still toward file)Sadaf, what's the meaning of your good name?
(i was still standing and a bit perplexed whether to answer the question or to sit first. At that time RBD raised his head and said oh plz have a seat first
and before i could sit, he repeated his question)
RBD: what does your father do?
RBD: what about brothers?
RBD: Ohkay, so you have done your masters from sindh university, what's the problem going on there, do you know anything about it?
RBD: Do you think measures taken by govt to solve this issue are sufficient?
RBD: YOu are teaching in a college, is it girls college or combine?
RBD: How many kinds of students are there?
RBD: How much percentage of students are interested in studies?
RBD: What is the attendence percentage?
RBD: you want to join foreign service, and you think your family will not suffer? and you think it even when you are not engaged or committed? (i had a long discussion over the same matter with the psychological panel, and i think he was quoting from my psychological report. it was only a comment demanding affirmation to which i answered "yes sir ,and not being engaged is the main reason for hoping so". RBD smiled on my answer and commented Yes, yes there are differnt families, some are liberal, some consevative.)

RBD: So Do you think there is discrimination in society between men and women?
RBD: Have you faced any such discrimination? can you give any personal example?
RBD: the city of Europe which was cut off from other areas last week due to cold and snow?
RBD: read a couplet of ghalib and asked me the meaning. i hav forgotton the couplet.
RBD: read another couplet, this time of faiz and again asked for meaning.
RBD: what is the message do you get from Faiz's poetry?
RBD: what is there in habib jalib's poetry?

Saud Gohar:
SG: what is diplomatic immunity? i told them abt diplomats exemption from prosecution, arrest, nd their other rights in other countries where they are posted.
SG: what do you know about vienna convention?
SG: Raymond Davis affair (a brief discussion over the issue)
SG: what privileges do diplomats get?
SG: national disintegration (he asked a long quesiton, asking for causes nd solutions and elements involved, and we had almost five minutes discussion over it)
SG: foreign policy? who makes? role of differnt institutions, army's stakes?

unfortunately i hav forgotton few question of saud gohar sahab.

Madam Sughra:

MS: what is gender discrimination?
MS: how to control it?
Ms: you can speak english and urdu, why can't you speak sindhi?
I answered ma'm i am urdu speaking that's y have no command over the language comprehension but i can read it well, and my sindhi handwriting is also good.
MS: But you are shaikh, and shaikhs are sindhis. (then she turned toward RBD and asked him "kyun sir, shaikh sindhi nahi hotay? then they all had a biref discussion over this matter in which saud gohar also took part and while discussion they completely neglected me)
MS: Can't you understand sindhi even a bit?
MS: you write in urdu, when will you write in sindhi?
MS: what you will do for women after getting job?
MS: how would you inspire women?
MS: do you think women at higher posts can resist corruption?
MS: tell us any of your decision or stand which shows you can resist corruption.

Thankyou so much.

time 2:30 pm

the very first thought which came in mind after interview was that "mjh sy tou kuchh puchha hi nahi? "
my interview seemed more an informal discussion to me than a formal interview. maybe the panel was very tired after a long day or what, but that was how it was. I am praying and hoping for a good result. plz remember me in your prayers
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