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I have been through such sort of situation on 16th Feb but little bit different. If they repeated it twice and said you that its better you recognize your weaknesses when you were leaving, it means that there was definitely something special about your case. Either you have very good marks or very poor. In my opinion, you will have a good idea based on the papers and in a better position to interpret this situation.

My experience was little different that i was the first one to go in for interview on that day and Bhagwan Das was very aggressive towards me from start of my interveiw and tried to make me uncomfortable by taunting and by employing other pressurizing tactics.
I remained calm and confident because i had good idea of how my papers went and have hope that i have good marks. Later on Saud Gohar and Mam Sughra questioned me normally.

I am quoting one example: BD: you are from Bhakkar, Do you still live there?
Ans: No sir, my family is there but i am doing job so i am on the move.
BD: What do you mean, Did i ask you where have you been? Give me direct answer where are you right now?
Ans: Sir , right now in Lahore.
BD: This is the right answer. Save your energy and other's time.

This was the first question that he put me and i replied in one sentence and even then he was talking to me in very aggressive mode and trying to make me nervous or under confident by saying like this.

later on he asked me( Neelam ghar type questions)some other question and i was giving him right answers but even then he was showing like i am talking rubbish and know nothing.

Best wishes for you!!!

Stay calm and confident and even don't listen to what they say. You should believe in your self and just take it as if they are doing some joke or drama to make you uncomfortable and nervous.
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