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Stunner is just really niceStunner is just really niceStunner is just really niceStunner is just really niceStunner is just really nice

Waalaikum Salam ..

Originally Posted by Communist View Post
1- Stages involved in formation of opinions
Adolescence (Influence of Parents and Siblings' own experience etc), Childhood (Role of parents, peers, teachers etc), Adulthood (Education, Society and Media's effect on the formation of opinions) .. These are the stages ..
If the question asks factors influencing opinions then you can use those mentioned in brackets above like direct instruction from parents, teachers etc and media stuff ..

Originally Posted by Communist View Post
2- The role of learning and direct experience in formation of
As Pavlov's experiment showed that continuous repetition can form a relative permanent change in behaviour, same role learning plays in formation of attitudes .. For example, if media portrays time and again that Zardari is corrupt, most people will have formed a negative attitude towards Zardari ..

Direct Experience:
One can also form a negative or positive attitude through direct contact with a person, or object .. For Example, If a child who had a direct contact with a Policeman for the first time and gets an angry stare or a slap in return, he will form a negative attitude towards him and other policemen formed through direct experience ..

Originally Posted by Communist View Post
3- What role media can play in minimizing the hostile feelings?
A general question .. You can write points like anti-prejudice propaganda, encourage equality through talk shows, advertisements, positive educational programs etc .. You can add as many points as you want ..

Originally Posted by Communist View Post
Guys, i have another question; is there some distinction between attitude formation and attitude changing theories? In my point of view the same techniques and theories concerning attitude formation can also be used for changing attitude.
Yes, you are right ..

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