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Stunner is just really niceStunner is just really niceStunner is just really niceStunner is just really niceStunner is just really nice

@ Asi01

Bro I intended to write all about Islamic History part 2 in my post regarding that paper later .. But I feel obliged to answer your queries first ..

There is another book of Mazhar ul Haq regarding part 2 of Islamic History .. I think its named 'A Short History of Muslim Spain' .. If you get hold of it, you can get much material from it .. However, as I wrote earlier that his books are based on copy - paste material, but they are much better than any other 'desi' books .. I personally used 'Spanish Islam' by Dozy along with Mazhar ul Haq's book and another bulky but awesome 2 volume set written by M.M Sharif named 'A History of Muslim Philosophy' ..

You are right that the trend changed in the recently concluded exams .. I do not however feel that it will be the same in coming exams .. I am of the view that the exam should be as difficult as it could get, but it should not be in a way that examiner asks Pak-Affair questions in Islamic History .. So my gut feeling is that he will abstain doing that in the future .. But to tell you the trick, even if he does that again .. Keep in mind the exam you are appearing on that particular date ..
For example, in the question that What was the impact of Colonial rule on Muslim society .. I wrote their impact on African, Asian and their rule on Spanish Muslim society after they got hold of the country again .. So, I never went astray and never thought that it was not an Islamic History part 2 paper .. I hope you get my point .. You just need to relate your knowledge to that particular question and paper basically ..

You can use the above mentioned strategy to get top marks in Paper 2 .. I personally got a lot benefit from the documentary of Bettany Hughes I mentioned in above post .. It gave me an insight into Spanish Islam and Paper 2 basically .. The impact of Muslims of Spain on Europe and the World ..

Ibn e Khaldun and Ibn e Sina were philosphers and theologians as well .. So they are well worth asked in Islamic History .. They cover both Part 1 and 2, as much of the philosophers came during Abbassid period ..

So get all the knowledge from different sources and use it properly in the exam, and you'll get top marks InshaAllah .. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask ..

Regards ..
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