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Here’s how my interview went,


Describe yourself in 60 seconds.
Q1.You are a muslim so then why did you answer the question of rebirth in psychological(question was that if you were born again which mistake would u rectify)….so a lil discussion on tht(do not take the question lightly and prepare well if u wrote an answer to that question in your psychological. he asked this question to every single candidate)
Q 2.What is the name of the public body looking into the rights of women in Pakistan?
Q 3.Why do women need quota in govt jobs and is that justified?
Q4.Tell us why economy of Pakistan is in such a dire state?(I had only come to my second point i.e corruption when he asked me why is there corruption not waiting to listen to the rest of points)
Q5.How can corruption be eradicated(a little discussion and cross questioning on this)
Q6. difference between business management and public administration(my subject optional)
Q7. he asked me some terms related to customs,some kind of invoice and LC(letter of credit)and another abbreviation tht I don’t remember.said sorry for all three

Overall everything went smoothly with him,he didn’t contradict me anywhere or behave rudely,actually quite the opposite, he was very sweet.

Saud gohar:
Q3. Max weber’s contribution to our society
Q4. red tapism how would I deal with it or how I would make the bureaucracy more efficient?
Q5. climate change ,latest progress,Kyoto protocol solutions and what is carbon credit?
Q6. SWOT Analysis

Overall this went well,he was asking everything in detail,checking the depth f my knowledge perhaps,definition alone wasn’t enough for any of the questions,except for CCP I answered all the rest in dept to his satisfaction,regarding CCP my knowledge was superficial.

Ahmed raza:

Q1.bending moment,shear force(im a building engineer so course related)
Q2. how to design earthquake resistant buildings(again course relatd)
Q3. seismic zones of Pakistan.
Q4. pemra and its working,a lot of discussion followed on if there’s a legislation n enforcing mechanism etc,what should be done
Q5. managerial grid,
Q6. asked me about public administration and what it should be like
Q7. non state actors and if they were only good for trouble making,discussin followed about mansoor ijaz.
Q8.difference between backdoor diplomacy and non state actors,(didn’t do well on this one.).

There was a lot of discussion and cross questioning,but the panel was never rude or contradicted me anywhere except for the CCP one where saud gohar himself gave me the detail after I failed to gve him a satisfactory answer on tht one. Anyhow that’s like 20 questions in 30 mins or maybe 5 mins more , but it wasn’t more than 35 min at all.

Please pray for me, thankyou n best of luck to all those who have yet to give their interviews…..a word of advice just stay relaxed, smile and everything will take care of itself!
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