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Default Multan Center Interview

DATE: 9-04-2012

OPTIONALS: Psychology, Journalism, Sociology, Accounting & Auditing

1. Psychological proforma questions (Mistakes and Inappropriate Answers)

2. Types of Audit

3. Post and Pre Audit

4. Audit Para

5. Accountability Institutes of Pakistan

6. Sea Ports of Makraan Cost

7. Journalist Robert Fisk, Ansaar Abbasi, Nazir Naji, M. A. Zubari

8. Libya and Egypt current issues

9. Remittances of Pakistan and Its contribution to GDP

10. Max Weber, Karl Marx, Auguste Comte contributions

11. Zero Hunger Policy of Pakistan

12. Money Laundering

13. Why Pakistan Black Listed in Money Laundering

14. Importance of Middle Class in Economy

15. Importance of Baluchistan Region

16. Importance of Gawadar Port

17. Do you see Cold war among West and Arab World

18. Bi Polar Disorder, What is the cause of this disorder

19. Government Balance Sheet representation

20. Exports of Pakistan

Baghwan Das attitude was very aggressive but the rest of the two members (Mian M. Ahmad and Saud Gohar) was normal. Even during questioning by the other two members Baghwan Das said to them twice that he will not be able to answer, though i had answer them very well..... but this thing is normal as he tried to create pressure on me but i didn't notice him and kept on answering. After coming out of the room i realized that Baghwan Das was very rude towards me as he pointed out my mistakes in psychological proforma and never let me to answer them. I say half sentence and he moves to the next point and not let me to complete. More than questioning he talked himself.

I am satisfied with my interview overall.

Thanks CSS forum and its members for its support and guidance....
and pray for me...
Parindon Ki Dunya Ka Darvesh Hun Ma......, K Shaheen Banata Nahi Aashiyana
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