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Originally Posted by rubraiz View Post
Hi folks,

There is a question in 2007 paper which goes like:

Define Developmental Psychology. Describe the characteristics of Growth, Development and maturation in the light of methods of Developmental Psychology.

Now what confuses me is the term growth, development and maturation because as per my understanding, the term "Development" encompasses both the processes "Growth" and "Maturation". What I want to ask is, do we take this phrase growth, development and maturation as just one phrase "Development" and mention its characteristics? Or do we have to specify characteristics of Growth, development and Maturation separately?

Let me also point here that in all the past papers, the three terms "Growth", "Development" and "Maturation" have been used TOGETHER or the examiner has simply used the term "Development". I hope I have mae myself clear

And also if some member can simply name the characteristics of Development, it'll be appreciated

Maturation is very simply defined as

"the gradual unfolding of genetic blue print is known as maturation"
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