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My interview

  • was it your first attempt?
  • who guided you for css?
  • did u join any academy?
  • for how many months?
  • who guided you for optionals?
  • You dropped FSP from 2nd to 7th why?
  • organic food and inorganic food?
  • are inorganic foods harmful?
  • desclaimer note?
  • defamation?
  • what compensation after defamation?
  • lady in war of independence?
  • role of religion in state affairs?
  • madressah system..its positives and negatives?
  • are you in favour of creation of southern punjab as new province?
  • is it proper time to create new province?
  • define absolute poverty
  • western sociological thought?
  • is quota for differnt regions justifiable?
  • is women quota system justifiable?but boys are prejudiced.. ( discussion on it)

  • what lesson we learnt from Abbottabad raid?
  • Osama bin laden stayed in pakistan ..why?
  • is it possible that ISI was not aware of his presence?
  • what comes in your mind about it?
  • Domestic violence bill...why opposed by some in parliament?
  • should this bill be passed? (discussion on it)
  • BISP? how much successful?

  • press and publication ordinance?
  • journalists in war of independence?
  • Z A suleri
  • scoope?
  • compare lucknow pact and RTC
  • another question from indopak regarding nehru and pakistan which i couldnt understand so i dropped it
  • karl marx
  • conflict theory?
  • can this theory be related to arab uprisings and occupy wall street protests?if yes then how?
  • BRICS countries?outcome in dehli summit
  • compare BRICS and EU
  • which uranium isotope found in pakistan and where?
  • asked about iran nuclear programme
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