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My Interview, Dated 14 March 2011
When I entered the room all members of panel received me with smiling face, I was 3rd in my group.
Rana Bhagwan Daas allowed me to sit with very warm well come.

Rana Bhagwan Daas

1) Your name is …………………………….. I said yes.
2) You are doing M.phil in Molecular Biology form CEMB, Punjab University……… I said yes.
3) Gentleman you are also ASI in Punjab police………… I said yes.
4) Your work experience in police is about more than 7 years …….. I said no sir, I was selected there in 2007 and it is about 4 years.
5) Gentleman if you get another life than how you will change your new life from previous one? (This question from my psychological test, we have 3-4 minutes discussion on it. He was trying to confuse me but I remained confident. This question was like a first ball bouncer for me:.)
6) What is your job nature in police.………. I said I am Incharge computer section in police lines Lahore.
7) How long you remain? ………………. I said from the date of my appointment.
8) Why you don’t go to field work? (We have 6-7 minutes discussion on this topic, I said sir I want to share my own work experience with you if you allow me………. He allowed me than the discussion prolonged.)
9) Let gentleman you are SP than how will you bear the political pressure in police? (We have three min discussion on it. He interrupted my answer and cross questioned over it.)
10) If you are not loyal to politicians than you will be transfer after every 10 days than what will you do?
11) You quit the Police, now your first preference once again Police, Why? (Long discussion on it.)
12) You seems active man (I use words_ active man and full of potential_ in the answer of question # 8 ) then why you took 9 min more to complete your psychological form ? (As I took extra time to complete it.) I answer this question with smiling face………. Madam Sughra also passed smile when Bhagwan Daas asked this question.
13) Gentleman where is Silicon Valley? I said in India………. He asked in which city? I said sorry… he said it is in Bangalore.
14) What Bill Gates did for Pakistan? (3 cross questions also)
15) Where is Bermuda triangle?I said in Atlantic Ocean near North America.
16) What is its significance importance? I said, sir I have no idea……….. He looked towards me with amazing feelings and asked why……… you should know as your optional is Geography. Meanwhile Madam Sughra interrupted and said sir his optionals are Agriculture and Forestry also. Then he turned towards these subjects.
17) What are rain Forests?
18) Where they are?
19) What is scrub Forest?
20) One more question from Forestry, which I forgot.
21) What is Acid Rain?
22) Which is the biggest river in world?
23) Second biggest?
24) Which is the longest river in the world?
25) What are the factors of dismemberment of Bangladesh form Pakistan? (5 min long discussion and cross questioning)
26) Why our society inclined towards moral degradation?
After this question he closed my file and said Saud Shab aap puchian ab………….. is k bad Bhagwan daas shab uth kr chaly gay.

Saud Gohar

1) First question from my psychological form……….. You wrote wrong and very General answer of question #7 in your psychological form. I said what is the question number 7 sir……… he red the question then we have little discussion on it. (This question was another bouncer for me. He tried to pressurize me and seems very aggressive towards me though out his portion of interview.)
2) His next question from laws of police investigation procedure. (I said sir as I remained in police lines throw out my services in police, so, I have no idea about investigation. However I try to answer the question. He seems unsatisfied on my answer and repeated the question again……….. At that time I said sorry.
3) Have you any idea about section 144? I said sorry. He said you must know as you remained in police.
4) What is the role of police lines in city?
5) How many departments in police lines? Names?
6) Which country is smallest in Muslim world? (area wise)
7) Which one is the biggest one?
8) Little discussion on Palestine issue? Then he turned towards madam and allowed her to ask.

Madam Sughra

1) You are Nadeem Hafeez. I said yes
2) You are from Punjab. I said yes
3) In which city of Punjab you belong? I said from Lahore, she asked……. Are you from proper city? I said yes.
4) Why the crime rate is high in developed country in comparison with undeveloped countries like Pakistan? (Long discussion on it, also cross questioning.)
5) Which country has highest crime rate in world? I said USA.
6) Do you know the name of city in USA, which has highest crime rate? I said sorry… she replied it is New York.
7) Why we fail in controlling crimes in undeveloped countries like Pakistan? (Little discussion on it.)
8) Where and when first Women Police Station was installed in Pakistan? I said mam don’t know where and when I just know there is single Women police Station in Lahore. Saud Gohar and Madam laughed at my answer, after that she said it was in Rawalpindi then she told me the details of this first Women Police Station in Pakistan.
9) Do you know the name of USA operation deep inside Pakistan? I said don’t know the name.
10) Do you have the complete idea about this operation? Can I precede discussion on this topic? You have choice can I leave this topic? I said no mam you can…………… then we have very long discussion on this topic, she asked why USA succeed in this topic? Is our army involved? Is ISI having any clue about it?
11) What is well fair state?
12) Which state is truly named as well fair state in world?
Meanwhile Bhagwan Daas come back……………………….
After this question madam said thank you man then Bhagwan Daas also said thank you Gentleman.
This is my whole interview, might be I forgot couple of questions or more…………..i am satisfied from my interview it went on my parallel lines but what would be the result, GOD knows better...... best of luck to all of you and remember me in your prayers
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