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Here is my interview held on May 18, 2012. I answered all but said sorry for 45 questions. Don't know to be worried or no.

BD Sb.

BD: Did you apply for 2012? (DANGROUS. Don't know whether my marks are so low or he just wanted to pressurize me)
Me: No sir

BD: How you got this job in USAID?
Me: it was an open merit job. And I was selected after competition.

BD: What package your are getting? Then why you are apply for here?
Me: Told package. I would like to be in a position where I can solve the problems of my country men.

BD: Why did you write blasphemy issue; there was not any in 2011?
Me: Salman Tasir was killed. (He agreed)

BD: What happened in GB?
Me: Shia Sunni roits.

BD: What is money laundering?
Me: The way illegal money is whitened by investing in legal works.

BD: Is there any anti-money laundering law in Pakistan?
Me: Yes, there is anti-money laundering act. Also, we are signatory to international convention.

BD: Is there any related ordinance currently promulgated? Impact?
Me: Yes the president currently signed an act through which illegal gotten money can be invested in stock exchange. It has positive impact: illegal money would come in the formal sector. But it has negative impact as well: People would consider the govít makes such law every few years, so they can do corruption.

BD: What govít change in Greece?
Me: technocratic govít has sworn in yesterday. The people did not vote for the parties who signed austerity treaty, and the new parties from far left and far right did not ratified the treaty. So could not make govít.

BD: What technocratic govít would do?
Me: It will be governing for one month: in June next elections are due.

BD: yes and also it would reduce inflation.
BD: what are contribution of ---- (Donít remember the name) to public aid.
ME: Sorry (1st ATTACK)


SG: Difference between ambassador and high commissioner?
ME: Ambassador is an officially designated person who negotiates with host country on behalf of sending country. Both are same, except High commissioners are sent to the countries who are member of Common wealth of nations.

SG: What was theory by ---------- (Donít remember name) in public administration?
Me: Sorry (2nd ATTACK)

SG: Difference between Job enrichment and job enlargement?
Me: Sorry (3rd ATTACK)

SG: How do you explain the economy of Pakistan?
Me: $210 bn GDP; 2.7 trn budget; almost 1 trn deficit; 8.6% tax to GDP ratio.

SG: How many sectors and contribution?
Me: Agriculture 21%; Industry 26%; Services 53%

SG: How much is trade deficit?
Me: $16 bn till Mar 2012.

SG: Itís $17 bn now
Me: Thanks sir

SG: What is debt ratio? And why we are traped in it?
Me: total public debt is 12 trn. Since 2008, it increased many fold due to (i) power crisis subsidies 1.3 trn; (ii) exchange rate depreciation 1.5 trn; (iii) uncounted for expenditures during Musharraf era, (iv) budget deficit (v)

SG: (with a little smile) I was reading the same article (referring to today's dawn article of Sakib Sherani)
SG: What is genesis of 1935 act?
Me: It was an effort to give a sort of self governance to India.

SG: What happened before it?
Me: Act of 1919 had to be reviewed by 1929. But the Indians, ML and congress, could not agree on anything. After that, round table conferences held in London but still no agreement came out. At last the British had to come out with their solution Ė the act of 1935

SG: What is motivation theory?
Me: Theory X and Y: I explained both.

SG: Where is Seazone in Palestine?
Me: I am sorry sir. But it may be near Ghaza strip.

SG: No, itís the place in Palestine where the EU and others are funding construction of buildings and offices.
Me: O yes sir. It must be the place the place where Israel is now dismantling the buildings.

SG: Yes, yes it is this place.
SG: Who is the manager of the century?
Me: Sorry sir.


MM: Do you think India is lagimtimizing the work on dams by getting carbon credit?
Me: Yes sir it is. In fact, it is Nimo Bazgo dam. Which will negatively effect Pakistan once completed and world bank has reported this.

MM: But there is provision of some usage by India. Do you think IWT be renegotiated?
Me: Yes sir, but the provision is about run of the river projects which will not retard the water flow. But now IWT is being and could be misused by India with the use of new technology. So, I think it should be revisited.

MM: How do you see the role of bureaucracy as agent of social change since partition?
Me: The bureaucracy played very positive role in early years in the social development due to their desire to develop the country and political backing. But Bhutto sb politicized it which reduced its efficiency. But still I think, it can play very effective role as it provides inputs to the policy formulators and ministers, it serves at the grass root level Ė education, health, law and order etc

MM: PM has been convicted currently. Do you think this is another doctrine of necessity?
Me: Yes sir, it is a doctrine of necessity. In fact, the SC has been observing the judicial restraint since Dec 2009, when it ordered the govít to write the letter to Swiss govít. and now when the SC has convincted the PM, it still only sentenced him for a while whereas did not disqualify him, saving the system. However, this is a positive development.

Behaviour of all members has been good. NO rudeness. No strictness. I remain confident. BD after his turn left but came back after one minute and wrote something in the file looking at me. (I think was trying to decide whether take this person to develop Pakistan or not)

Please give me your views about my interview and also give your opinion about his asking me about 2012 appearance and my sorry to 5 questions Ė 4 to SG and 1 to BD.
Ahmad Shakeel Babar
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