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Dear All.

I am extremely sorry for being late to share my interview. Actually I was so engaged in preparations of some papers and some of my assignements that I could not actually attend this forum. My apologies for being late. My interview was on Jan 17, 2012 in Islamabad.

I entered the room at 12 pm and left at 12.35 pm. Mr. Bhagwandas, Mr Awais Qureshi and Mr Saud Gohar were the members in the panel. Mr BD was a little rude and others were normal.

Mr. Bhagwan Daas Sab
After I was seated BD started reading my academic profile and I went on endorsing.

BD: You have written in Performa that you want to be CSP. This is a defunct word its now DMG. Correct Yourself.
Me: i replied Ok Sir

BD: Mr. Hassan are your coming from Skardu? My place of domicile.
Me: No Sir I reside here in Islamabad.

BD: Why?
Me: Because I work for my bank? I named my employer.

BD: Is it the job for which you are in Islamabad?
Me:Yes Sir.

BD: Ok tell me what is something different offered by your bank?
Me: we provide customer oriented services to our customers. He stopped me and said

BD: No. this is something which is claimed by every commercial bank. What is the rate that you offer to common man?
Me. I gave him the rate to which he again said “NO. this rate is not affordable to a common Man”. I argued that these are very competitive rates and set by market forces.

BD: Do u have something for senior citizens. And at what rate?
Me Yes sir we have our senior citizen product and offer a profit rate of 10%.

So far it was only gup shup or the part where he was rude with me. My interview started from here actually.

BD: Whats tayloring? (OMG the very first questiona and anwas clout for me asi could not understand what did he mean? He wanted to ask about Fredrick Taylor and scientific management movement. He should have named it either Taylor or SMM. I made my face to express that i dint get what he meant.
Me: Sir Tayloring?

BD: Yes Fredrick Taylor.
Me: Then I got what he was referring to i.e a question from public add, and then told him in detail about scientific management movement. I discussed piece rate plan, scientific recruitment, and division of work under SMM.

BD: whats cold start doctrine?
Me. Sir this is military doctrine of India which started in 2004 in which they envisaged to develop specially designed conventional forces along with Pakistani border so that forces may be mobilized to border in lesser time in case of any clash and in order to stop Pakistan from launching nuclear attack.

BD: What is the function of SECP?
ME: SECP regulates the stock market. Further pvt and public limited companies are registered with SECP in accordance with companies ordinance 1984. To which BD agreed and added that it also regulates NBFCs, to which I said Yes Sir.

BD: Asked me something which i had never heard of. it was a terminology.
Me: Sorry Sir (My first sorry)
BD: What is DNA?

Me: Deoxyribonucleic acid. This is the genetic character that exists in every individual and determines individuality.

BD: How DNA test is conducted?
Me: I dint know the answer exactly. I started tell him about the sequence of genes to which he said.

BD: No tell me exactly how the test of DNA is conducted?
Me: I said sorry (My second sorry)

BD: What are the institutions in Pakistan where DNA test can be conducted?
Me: I was again not sure on this question. I started with Sir it should be. BD interrupted and said.

BD: No Not should be tell me if you specifically you know otherwise we will move on.
Me: I said sir lets move on.(My third sorry)

BD: What is hierarchy?
Me: Sir it’s the division of authority in an organization where the orders flow from top to bottom and feedbacks and reports flow from a bottom to top particularly in a bureaucratic organization.

BD: How many PMs in Pakistan faced charges of contempt of court?
Me: I gave wrong answer to this question. As I said they are two Mr. Nawaz and Mr Gilani. To which he said there are three. ZAB was also given this charge. ( The question I replied wrong )

My interaction with BD was not very comfortable because out of 5 questions I dropped 4 questions I dropped with BD. Mr interview with Mr. Qureshi and Mr Saud Gohar was very comfortable.

Mr. Awais Qureshi

Mr. Awais Qureshi took his total interest in two things my Area GB and my preference FSP.

AQ: A question on change of my school which I replied him in detail.

AQ: What are the reasons of sectarian conflicts in GB?
Me: Sir there are basically two division in GB one is Gilgit and one is Baltistan. Baltistan is completely peaceful. But gilgit is very sensitive in this regard and reasons for the conflict are. That the population in gilgit is equally divided in shia and sunni and both the groups are equally strong. Then the religious scholars are not performing their duty well they provoke the people for this conflict and most of all this is the ignorance at the part of the people that they do not accommodate each other and do not respect the faith of each other.

AQ: Is it not the responsibility of GB goverment to address this issue?
Me: Yes sir this is responsibility of GB government ,our CM and his team must take both sides on board and work to bridge the gap between two group.

AQ: How do you see the GB empowerment and self government order 2009.
Me: Sir this is a positive step for GB but more needs to be done as still we are not given a provincial status. We do not have our representation in National Assembly and we do not contribute or have share in NFC awards.

AQ: How is AKRSP doing in your area?
Me: Sir AKRSP is doing very well in the area. They are spending on education, agriculture and welfare of the people.

AQ:Why prince Agha Khan Karim spends too much on Hunza?
Me: Prince Agha Karim belongs to Ismailia Community and Ismailia Community is concentrated in Hunza. This is the reason he develops his own community.

AQ: Your first preference is FSP which area would u like to go?
Me: I named UN, USA, India and China.

AQ" Ok Lets be specific then, our relationship with US has been very bumpy in the recent days. How would you normalize the relation as an ambassador to USA?
Me: Sir I would try to convince them that the sacrifices of Pakistan on war on terror needs to be recognized as we have suffered the most in this war and the allegation they put on us of playing double game is not acceptable and our sincerity in this war needs to be recognized.

AQ: How would u do that?
Me: (i took u turn over this question) Sir in fact we need to address our internal issues first. We need to suppress the extremism first and put our house in order first. Unless we are organized from within we cannot create a good image outside. ( I dont know whether or not I should have gone on this dimension because this was not exactly he asked)

Mr. Saud Gohar

SG: Is our Foreign policy a balanced one.
Me: No sir, our foreign policy is not balance. It has great influence of India and USA. Our foreign policy particularly towards Afghanistan has always been subordinated to the whims of Washington.

SG: he asked me bullish and bearish which i dint know at that time unfortunately.
Me: Sorry sir I have not heard these words. (My fifth sorry)

SG: Do you know about US Saudi Arabia's recent military deal?
Me: When I started to tell him this deal he stopped me and put another question.

SG: What are the underpinnings of this deal?
Me: Sir you know Saudi Arabia is the strongest ally of USA in the Middle East and Iran is enemy of both USA and SA. So this deal is meant to contain the influence of Iran in that region.

SG: Is there any reason other than that?
Me: I then related it with conflict of Syria. That both US and SA wants to topple the government of Bashar Al Assad as it is being backed by Iran. The way SA had sent its air force in GCC force to suppress the uprising in Behrain they might use these planes in Syria. (To which he seemed satisfied)

SG: What are the characteristics of a good public policy?
Me: A good public policy should be responsive to urgently meet the demands of the public. It should be rational and should be according to available resources, it should be transparent and people should know about policy clearly and it should be practical.
(An interesting thing happened here when I was describing good characteristic of public policy. At one time I said “foreign policy should be……” instead of “public policy should be……….”. This was only a slip of tongue though I knew I was speaking about public policy. When SG heard me saying foreign policy he became alert and said; “ no no I am asking you about public policy. I replied sir I am telling you about public policy. Then I went on again describing good characteristics of public policy.)

SG: Is BISP Good or bad? Why?
Me: Sir its good given the level of poverty that we have in our country BISP is good where you give Rs 1000 to deserving ladies. But at the same time we must focuss more on giving skill to these people so that they may earn their livelihood themselves. Sir there is a Chinese saying that “ if you want to feed someone then don’t give him fish rather teach him how to fish".

I remember when I was at this stage Mr BD was very attentively listening to me . Though he left his seat after my interaction within him and came back within one minute or two and keep listening the whole interview. This was the end of my interview.

I still could not understand why BD went for in depth interview on DNA and grilled me there. DNA was in no sense related to me. Nither my preference is police nor my academic back ground is MBBS then I why so much of DNA I don’t know. What bothers me is that out of 5 questions I dropped in total 4 was with BD and he has 150 marks with him I suppose.

Please comment on my interview.
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