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Default interview 23

23 May
Interview 25 to 30 min

BD sab
why mba from arid why not from other uni ?
who make foreing policy ? some questions regarding international affair
and muslim law
my curent job description
total questions i dun remember sorry but i answered and drop 3-4 questions confidently said sorry sir

then he asked saud sab
some international affairs
devolution ( local body system ) and curently wats going on it
dmg related patwari system
dollar rate about whcih he was himself confused and my answer was acknwlodged by chairman and main ahamd sab
by the way 92 rate was totaly tuka n it went rite n i stick to my answer lolz
dun remember two questions whcih i droped asked by saud sab
wich i droped saud sab told ans breifly

mian ahmad style was awesome become his fan
economy related question
ccp and its aim
fiscal policy of 2004-05
wt govt do to reduce deficit in budget
business admn my field

then he saw watch and said ok thx

environment was relax n no direct hiting by panel

m nt even worried about either i staisfied them or not
the question wich i droped i remained confident while saying n after saying sorry as i stayed truthful

what i am unable to get what they analysed today ?
no anlytical question no curent happening in pakistan
no close relation like india usa chichago confernce khi evnts
domesticaly they didnt touch anything
then what they judged ?
didnt ask why wna join
if not get allocated wat u wil do n al tyt
no question from pshycological assesment ?
i feel they just didnot bother to waste enery on me

by the way thanx forum 5-6 question i have grown thro forum were same from journalism and economy
comments plzz
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