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Icon : Small image displayed on acomputer screen that represents a program, a document or some other object.

Image processing : Practices that consists of capturing ,storing ,analyzing ,displaying ,printing and manipulating images with scanners.

Image Stitching : Process of combining multiple images into a large image.

Image viewer : Utility that allows users to display ,copy and print the content of graphics file ,such as picture.

Impact printers : Type of printer that forms characters and graphics on a piece of paper by striking a mechanism against an inked ribbon that physically contacts the paper.

Import : To reterive information from one system or program to another.

Index : search utility feature that stores a variety of information about a file ,including its name ,date created ,date modified,author name and so on.

Information : processed data that convey meaning and useful for the user.

Information processing cycle : series of input , process, output, and storage activities performed by a computer.

Information Superhighway (I-way) : The Internet.

Information System : Hardware,software,data,people ,and procedures that a computer requires to generate information.

Infrared Data Association (IrDA) : Network standard used to transmit data wirelessly via infrared (IR) light wave.

Infrared Printing : Printing that uses infrared light waves to transmit output to a printer.

Ink-jet Printer : Type of nonimpact printers that forms characters and graphics by spraying tiny drops of liquid ink on a piece of paper.

Input : Any data and instructions eneterd into the computer for processing.

Input Devices : Any hardware component that allows users to enter data and instruction into a computer such as a mouse, a keyboard, or a microphone.

Insert : To add information to a file.

Insertion point : Symbol on a computer screen ,usually a blinking vertical bar, that indicates where the next character a user types will be displayed.

Installing : Process of setting up software to work with the computer and other hardware components.

Instant messaging (IM) : Real time Internet communications service that notifies a user when one or more people are online and then allow the user to exchange messages or files or join a private chat rooms with these people.

Instant messangers : Software/programs that provide facility to people to communicate over the Internet in real time.

Instructions : Stepts that tells the computer how to perform a particular task.

Integrated Circuit : Electronic component that contains many microscopic pathways capable of carrying electrical current combined on a tiny silicon chip.

Intel-compatible processors: Processors that have an internal design similar to that of Intel processors,perform the same functions as Intel ,and can be as powerful ,but often are less expensive.

Interactive whiteboard : Touch-sensitive devices,resembling a dry-earse board,that display the images on a connected computer screen.

Interface: The electrical connection that links two pieces of equipment so that they can communicate with each other and the software that controls the interaction between the hardware and the user.

Internesia: Forgetting where one obtained a piece of information on the Internet.

Internet : worldwide collection of computer networks that connects millions of busniesses, government agencies ,educational institutes and individuals to transfers and share information.

Internet community: Group of individuals with common interests who frequently exchange ideas on the Internet.

Internet Coporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN) : Gruop that assigns and controls top-level domains.

Internet-enabled : Technology that allows mobile devices to connect to the Internet wirelessly.

Internet digital subscriber line (IDSL): high-speed digital communications service that provides fast Internet access .

Internet Explorer : Web browser included with windows operating system.

Internet Postage : Digital postage technology that allows users with an authorized postage account to buy and print digital postage.

Internet Protocol (IP) Address : Unique set of numbers that uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the Internet.

Internet service provider (ISP): Regional or national organization/companies that provides access to the Internet for a fee.

Internet Telephony/ Voice over IP(VoIP) : Technology that allows users to speak to other users over the Internet.

Intruder : Unauthorized user or program, that have malicious intent, on a computer or computer network.

IPv6 : New IP addressing scheme that may increase the number of available IP addresses.

IrDA port : Port that uses infrared light waves to transmit signals between a wireless device and a computer.

Iris recognization system : Biometric device that uses iris recognization technology to read patterns in the iris of the eye.

Internet service provider (ISP) : Internet access provider.

Itanium : Intel processor used by workstations and low end servers.
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