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my optional subjects islamic history, psychology , journalism n soc?iology
interview was on 21/5/12

how can u claim domicile ov fata when u were nt born there?
objective resolution?
y urdu is not spoken in our offices? isnt it violation ov constitution?
palestine issue? its history?
female pakistani journalist who got international award?
73 year old lady who climbed mount everest?
names ov conflict theorist?
difference between karl marks n j.s mills?
trade deficit?
trade wd india?
mfn status given to india or not?
19th ammendment?
who wrote poem daffodils?
dramatist who got nobel prize?
some economic terms which i dont remember were asked
duties ov mlc officer
how to control inflation?
in which industry are we having flight ov capital? n which country our flight ov capital going?
which instry will benefit frm mfn status n which will not?
wat is negative list n sensitive list?
wat are stratas ov poverty?
if u want to do research on drug abuse which kind ov research will u do?
wat do u think ov four years ov this democratic govt?
name 3 female secretaries ov state who have served in usa?
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