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Look dear being a professional Vet is something different than to be opting vet for PMS. Indeed the culture of Vet Education in our institutes is not according to the papers. Books are recommended rather than notes. I would say its all about the Animal Husbandry . Only 20% paper comes from Medicine and roughly nothing from surgery . So the need of the hour is this that you strengthen your Areas like Livestock Management (including Sheep Goat Poultry {stressed} and Large Animals), Animal Nutrition Physiology Biochemistry and Theriogenology. You might have noticed that there is not any choice in paper B. And it is something NFS High stakes. So rather one's focus should be Animal Husbandry not Veterinary Science since the pets, surgery Microbiology Virology and Pathology is omitted (or ignored I mean). Hence stress Husbandry through books and not through substandard notes or slides which enlist things only and leaving it to examiner to suppose that you were short of time,which in reality you left the paper 2hours ago.
Any sort of help just let me know
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