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Default My interview on 29-05-2012

Although it was the last day of interviews and my sharing of experience does not matter anymore but I think I owe this much to this forum. So here goes my experience of interview. It was my second appearance before the interview panel.

Time: 11.30 AM Date: 29-05-2012 Duration: 30 Minutes

Panel members: Rana Bhagwas Das, Saud Gauhar, Mian Ahmed

I entered the room. RBD asked me to sit down. Firstly, he briefly introduced me to the panel members and then he started questioning.

You mentioned wrong in your psychological performa that your father is a retired government servant, you should have written a person’s name who is still in service. (Snubbed)
How can you generalise the fact that parents are not bonding with their children and have given them complete and unnecessary freedom? (Grilling session, perhaps a pressure tactic)
Where have you stayed in the last two years? At Islamabad or at your home town?
What was your preparation strategy?
Have you appeared in CSS 2012?
Pakistan’s GDP, Tax to GDP ratio, FDI figures, FBR target and collection, poverty rate, how many flood affectees to be expected in 2012? (Rapid Fire round)
Who is tawakkal karman?
Who is Robert Frisk?
Who is Christina Lamb?
What was ‘news of the world scandal’?
Which area of the world is called ‘sea zone’?
The role of Lord Mountbatten after Independence?
14 points of Quaid-e-azam?
Simon Commission, was Radcliffe award fair? If yes, why?
What is stock exchange and its functions?
Why China is depreciating its currency?

Saud Gauhar Sahb:
What will be the situation in Afghanistan after US withdrawal? (A long discussion)
What is the basic reason of Gulf crisis?
Determinants of Public policy? (Counter questioning)
Why the world is uni polar? If it is multi polar, give me any example of a group or country? (Again counter questioning)
Now he took most of the time prolonging his questions and every time cutting me short when I began to answer, don’t know why?

Mian Ahmed Sahb:
Why Pakistan’s private sector has been able to earn enough revenues in spite of such a dwindling economy?
Consumerism and stock exchange relationship?
Europe elections and its impact on Europe’s economy?
What is competition commission of Pakistan? Its role in banking sector?

I have forgotten some of the questions. Every single candidate on the last day was grilled by RBD sahb and most of the interview was focused on economics.
Please pray for my allocation and best of luck to all.
Alhamdulillah !!!
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