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Originally Posted by drvalentino View Post
there r 217 seats..along with carry over seats they are nearly 280..but there is no benefit to is confirmed what i m telling.

I was thinking about the 'benefit to Punjab' factor. Suppose there are 217 seats and around 60 carry over seats. In case these carry over 60 seats fall in top 120 according to their merit position. Then it would help the lower merit standing candidates of Punjab?? Like a Punjab based candidate with overall merit no. 180 might be selected??

M not sure whether I could put it properly or not, I try to be more simply..

. This year's Sindh seats are 20 (suppose), and carry over 30, suppose. And these 50 candidates are among the top 150.. Punjab seats are 50 and the 50th falls at merit no. 180 (because carry over seats are among top 150 this year's general merit)

My query is whether this is the formula or some else?? Because in this way Punjab candidates might be benefitted indirectly.