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Originally Posted by courageneverdies View Post
I strongly disagree with your statement. How can you say these up-gradations have paved way for corruption? Who are you to judge and what is the credibility of your "assumption"? Corruption is mostly done by those who have authority. These BS 14, 15 and even 16 officials don't have the authority. Even if places they are involved in corruption than its merely because of the "Asheerbaad" of the high ups.

I don't know about you, but I have been in this system for almost 5 years. I have worked with Officers of PAAS and DMG, I know how much honest these high ups are. I know an officer, a female officer of PAAS, who was in BS-20. I worked with her for almost 7 months. I know how much corrupt she was. Quoting just one incident, she for her own sake and to be on a foreign visit, put her name in the list of "Scientific Experts" who were supposed to visit Turkey. She took an advance of Rs.650,000/- from AGPR and still hasn't submitted the adjustment. All by her own links. And this is just one incident. Now she holds a bigger position at the AGP and is ready to be promoted in BS-21. She even avoided an Audit Para just by moving some strings. Our Secretary was so fed up with her corruption and negative mentality that he had to personally visit the AGP to get her posted elsewhere.

You think these low scale officials should retire in the same scales they are inducted in? How many promotional opportunities do they have? Literally none. Not these low paid, low scale officials, but these high ups that are opportunists, corrupt and selfish. You should go to SC too if you think you are being wronged. Its doors are open for all.


You may be mistaken. How can a woman be corrupt? Men are more intersted in corruption. Plz confirm the news.
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