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Originally Posted by rose_pak View Post
You said the future of this group is brighter than any other group? Can we compare this with DMG? Should a person getting IRS reappear for DMG or try to concentrate on his career within this group?

Secondly, I was told by someone that IRS does not have any post in grade 22. But you said it has some. How much percentage it has in grade 22? and can an IRS officer become chief secretary or federal secretary?

Could you please elaborate how this system works? Are people promoted within their own group or have transfers as well like secretaries and DGs?

Thank you very much for your response. I have been waiting for this since times immemorial (Result and final allocations k bech ka time )
Dear DMG and Police are ever green groups. one must appear for these groups. they have no rivals let alone IRS, no matter how brighter its future may be.

IRS certainly has posts in grade 22. you may confirm from any one.

chief secretary or federal secretary can be from any group. they are not prerogative of DMG, OMG or police only. it all depends upon your political affiliation.

people are usually promoted within their own groups unless they have gone on deputation and got permanent over there.

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