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Sureshlasi is a name known to allSureshlasi is a name known to allSureshlasi is a name known to allSureshlasi is a name known to allSureshlasi is a name known to allSureshlasi is a name known to all


DAAC—Distributed Active Archive Center
DADS— Data Archive and Distribution System
DAMTP— Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (Cambridge)
DAO—Data Assimilation Office (NASA)
DARPA—Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DASD—Direct Access Storage Device
DAT—Digital Audio Tape
DC—Detector Controller (DXS)
dc—direct current
DCP— Data Collection Platform
DCS—Data Collection System (NOAA polar orbiting satellites)
DDE—Distributive Data Environment (McIDAS)
DDS—Domestic Data Service (NWS)
DE—Detector Electronics (DXS)
DEC—Digital Equipment Corporation
DESY—Deutsches Elektronen-SYnchrotron
DFAD—Digital Feature Analysis Data
DFRC—Dryden Flight Research Center
DGVM—Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (GAIM)
DIAL —Differential Absorption Lidar
DIFAX—DIgital FAcsimile map
DILHR—Department of Industry, Labor & Human Relations
DIS—Data and Information System
disc—optical media (CDs)
DISEL—Diseno e Ingenieria de Systemas Electronicos
disk—magnetic media (floppies)
DIU—Detector Interface Unit (DXS)
DLESE—The Digital Library for Earth System Education
DLL (or .dll)—Dynamic Link Libraries
DLR— Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fur Luft-und Raumfahrt (Germany)
DLS— Dynamic Limb Sounder
DMA—Defense Mapping Agency
DMAP—Digital MAPping, charting and geodesy analysis program (USN)
DMIC—Deputy Meteorologist-In-Charge (NWS)
DMSP—Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (USAF)
DNAG—Decade of North American Geology
DNR—Department of Natural Resources
DNS—Domain Name System
DOA—Department of Administration (U.S.)
DOC—Department of Commerce (U.S.)
DOD—Department of Defense (U.S.)
DODS—Distributed Ocean Data System
DOE—Department of Energy (U.S.)
DOI—Department of the Interior (U.S.)
DoIT—Department of Information Technology (UW-MSN)
DOJ—Department of Justice (U.S.)
DOL—Department of Labor (U.S.)
DORIS—Doppler Orbitography and Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite (EOS)
DOS—Department of State (U.S.)
DOS—Disk Operating System
DOT—Department of Transportation (U.S.)
DoY— Day of Year
(D)PR —Dual Precipitation Radar
DPI—Department of Public Instruction
DPI—Derived Product Imagery
DPS—Detector Power Supply
DPS—Division of Planetary Science
DPSS—Data Processing Services Subsystem
DRIBU—DRIfting BUoy data
DRS —Data Relay Satellite
DSB —Direct Sounding Broadcast
DSN —Deep Space Network
DS2—Second Dark Spot (Neptune)
DSDP—Deep Sea Drilling Project
DSP—Digital Signal Processing
DST—Data Systems Test
DTE—Data Terminal Equipment
DTED—Digital Terrain Elevation Data
DU— Dobson Unit
DWS— Doppler Wind Sensor
DXS—Diffuse X-ray Spectrometer
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