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Ahmed I think you are confused, its not about same cut off for everyone. This is never the case in quota system. Here is how it works. Lets assume if they want 4 people from Sindh, 9 from Punjab and 3 from Balouchistan and here is how people scored.

Candidate A scored 70 Pass
Candidate B scored 60
Candidate C scored 72 Pass
Candidate D scored 71 Pass
Candidate E scored 80 Pass
Candidate F scored 69
Candidate G scored 30

Candidate A scored 33
Candidate B scored 90 Pass
Candidate C scored 50 Pass
Candidate D scored 70 Pass
Candidate E scored 20
Candidate F scored 77 Pass
Candidate G scored 50 Pass
Candidate H scored 70 Pass
Candidate I scored 22
Candidate J scored 34 Pass
Candidate K scored 44 Pass
Candidate L scored 90 Pass

Now candidate F from Sindh failed even though he scored 69 while candidate J from Punjab passed with 34 marks. This can happen in quote system and no one can complain about it. So there is a different cut off for each province, minorities etc