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Originally Posted by rao adeel View Post
The pattern for psychological will be like ISSB.... but a little different...

Following items needed to be prepared...

1. Verbal and Non Verbal Intelligence Test (May be not included as it was included in the previous test)
2.Word Association Test
3.Sentence Completion Test
4. Picture Story Writing
5. Autobiography
6. Personal Life Questionnaire ( e.g. Favorite Book, Important Life Event, Strengths, Weaknesses)
7. Personality Judgement Test ( Statement about interests and attitudes will be given and you have to choose from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree)
8. Group Discussion (Not Expected but one should prepare for all)
9. Command Task (Not Expected but one should prepare for all)

I think there is not much time for the last two. Well, but nothing can be left.