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Another dimension of the Magna Carta which i didn't find in any of the books of British history or history of Indo-Pak but in one the books of Islamic history, i got some ideas regarding the crusades and internal affairs of some of the European countries.

My findings are as under:

1. England, France and Germany were the leading countries in the crusades particularly during the period 1189-1192 A.D.

2. During the Dark ages 5th-15th century, Europe was being prevailed by the feudal system.

3. Kings of the France and Germany were not directly involved in the war but their armies were. Unlike these two, King of the England was directly involved in the crusades.

4. As a result of hard and long encounters with Salahuddin Ayyubi, there was a great lost of lives and assets of theses countries.

5. This loss brought strength to the kings of German and France because they were not directly involved but the ruled were paying the price.

6. King of the England was weekend because he was directly being consumed in the war.

7. Feudal lords of the England got strength as opposed to the feudal lords of the France and Germany.

8. King of the England was forced by the feudal lords to shift some of the powers towards the lords.

Eventually, King of the England had no alternative but to sign Magna Carta in 1215 A.D. because of his weaker position.
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