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This is my interview in detail

Started at 10.33 AM

1) Ask about the rebirth question, i gave my views but he wasn't satisfied.
2) Asked about Balochistan Issue. I wrote in my proforma on national event that Balochistan should be made financially stronger. But Rana sahib was aggressive he did not let me speak said you should have written details if there wasn’t enough space you should have taken extra sheet
3) My favorite book 1984, what did u learn from it? They looked convinced from my reply.
4) What do you think can be the consequences of 6 year parliament term?
5) Is it feasible to import electricity from India, why cant we give that money to our power plants by providing them enough oil? i answered them and they were satisfied.
6) What is the area recently discovered which is suitable for renewable energy resources? I said its coastal Area sind, but could not remember the exact name Ghotki.
7) I wrote Iran nuclear program in international Issue of importance. He said what is the real threat if Iran becomes a nuclear power? I started with the potential economic threat to world, (since I have an economic background I wanted to take the interview that way, they are so smart, Rana Sahab interrupted me and said I am referring to security threat) I replied it’s a security threat to Israel.
8) Can Israel attack Iran? I said Israel can if Iran doesn’t stop pursuing nuclear program, Israel can. Even the USA will support Israel, discussion on it, He was of the point that since USA is suffering a huge loses in Afghanistan and Iraq, it won’t do the mistake again. But I remain firm that still it will support Israel and may also take part in the invasion.
9) What you see the current role of Dr. A Q Khan in current Pakistan’s Atomic Program? They looked satisfied with my answer.
Then he gave it to Saud Gohar (SG)
10) He didn’t agree with my weakness, that I wrote I am perfectionist and can’t ignore even small mistakes and I said I am too caring, he said these too are self contradicting. They were write I guess, but I was firm that the first one was related to my professional habits while second shows my personal traits.
Meanwhile Rana BD went out of room for a couple of minutes and came back, but good thing that during that time SG asked me two questions 11) what are blue chip companies? 12) bullish and bearish trends? I answered them easily
12) The extremist sections are in minority still they have huge impact on our society why? I answered but they were not convinced.
13) If Islamists consolidate in Egypt what will be the consequences? A discussion on that
14) Salabi or something movement in Saudia Arabia in 1990s? I had no clue said sorry.
Mian Sahab
15) Recently there was a meeting of Iran and other world leaders? Where was it, and what was the outcome? Again I said sorry
16) Sometimes back there was a conflict between Supreme Court and ECP, what was it? No idea.
17) Public Accounts Committee? Explained
18) Who checks white collar crime in Pakistan?
19) Difference between Press note and Press release? Answered
20) when was Pakistan Press Ordinance was passed? I said sorry
Thank you Gentleman

Exit time: 11.02am



Thank you.
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