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Originally Posted by mani g View Post
Thank you so much. Sir, i would like to know; have you given an attempt of PMS? I have no background in Pashto, Which book you consulted for Pashto?
Mani G!
I went through "Pohana" by sahar gul which is easily available in the market and Pashto MA books for "da Rahman Mutalia" and "da Khoshal mutalia". Plus, do learn the writing technique for pashto like "kh", "g", "ki"..basics ok.

Hmm rest if anyone else like Islaw G, Prestigious and other respected members could guide us that would be appreciated too.


Originally Posted by mani g View Post
Following are my optional's for css
business ad/public ad(Haven't finalized yet)
Psychology/Arabic(haven't finalized yet)

Please comment on my combination, Please suggest which subject shoulda I opt in first two combinations i.e Business ada/public ad, psychology/arabic?

P.S: Should I go with same combination in PMS as well?
Sociology, pashto and journalism very high scoring subjects. With the rest of the subjects I know not more than this "yin main number nahi miltay" this is what my senior csp friends had told me while choosing subjects for myself.

And Ibraheem Khalil is right. One cannot choose both of them together. You can see the subject selection rule in the page by clicking the Optional subjects tab in the right panel.


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