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Originally Posted by Pearl013 View Post
dear ssara first of all eid mubarak.i am happy to see ur passion about css as we all are celebrating eid and u have attempted the question.
well nice attempt. to proceed further i need two of my queries to be answered u have started islamiat thread so what about our pak affairs preparation???

2.i have decided to attempt islamiat in i can answer over here
and what about current affair prep???
First of all Eid Mubarak to all respected members of this thread. Dear sara Eid Mubarak. I respect your passion. You are doing really well, but you should not forget that it is not you alone who has been taking part in this endeavor. Before eid we were dealing with Pak affairs, and it was in no one's mind that we were going to start any other subject very soon. You have started a new thread of Islamiat without knowing the consent of any of the respected members who have been enthusiastically playing their role in this discussion. By the matter of fact, we had been able to cover just 9 topics from the pre-partition era, a host of pre and post-partition topics, and innumerable current issues were still remaining, and you just contently claimed that we have been able to cover almost whole syllabus of pak affairs and now should begin a new subject. I am not opposing the importance of other subjects, but the point which I want to stress upon is that everyone's recommendations should be kept in view before taking any decision in the matters of joint interest..

@Dear pear013
Eid Mubarak.. You can attempt your questions in urdu. But I think it will be difficult for you to type in urdu. Truly speaking, we really need your contribution in this vital practice.
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